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Stone Works

As mentioned earlier, art often blends the technology of today with the traditions of the past. Zagami has found inspiration for his thoughts and processes in this blend of the past and present.

Stone work is the oldest form of sculpture. For Zagami, who has been creating art for over forty years, stone work played a major role in his understanding of form, space, and aesthetics. This medium, in contradiction to much of his views, still continues to influence him in his work.

He recently has returned to using stone for a medium of expression as well as teaching a course in stone carving.


Educational workshops, teaching and lecturing,
and juror services are available.

"Making my art is my only way to participate in the world.
It's always been better to create than destroy. Destroying is very
simple. The people who create rather than destroy are really the
architects of society."

~Salvatore Zagami


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